Thursday, June 11, 2009

Make USB disks/drives write protected (or read-only) using USB WriteProtector

Do you always fear that your USB drive, which contains your important data, may get affected instantly when plugged into a foreign computer in a cyber café, computer lab in your college or even at your friend's place? Then USB WriteProtector by Gaijin is for you.

This program can be downloaded from
Moreover this program is FREE and Portable, i.e. it does not requires installation.
Extract the files from the archive and run USBWriteProtect.exe.
The default interface language is not English, so choose English from the list of available labguages and you are ready to go.

This nice little app turns On/Off the write protection flag in the file syetem of your USB drive. So if you turn write protection on, then no changes can be done to the contents of USB drive, not even viruses can infect your drive.

When ever you turn write protection on or off, you just have to remove/eject the drive and attach it again.

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