Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Grandma

Everyone loves their grandma
But I love mine even more
Whenever life was difficult
She would be there for sure

She's like no other person I know
Believes in working every day
She was all fit-n-fine or so
Until a heart attack shook her day

I rushed to the hospital quickly
Which was very faraway
My heart pounded heavily
Every now and then

When I went in the ICU
She smiled and held my hand
She said I should rather study
Instead of wasting my time

She hates being in the hospital
Told me she would rather go out
Her world is not some hospital
It gives her creeps and doubts

And now that she is somewhat well
It feels like I can breath again
It all happened so fast to tell
Seems like I had a bad dream then

- Abhijeet Pathak

* Based on the real incident. My grandmother had a heart attack 3 days ago (on 7th Mar 2010).